In Search of Excellence

Turla’s Research & Development Department consists of technicians who passionately work daily to provide increasingly excellent solutions.

Thinking Outside The Box

Advanced extrusion software technologies


Turla believes in the most advanced extrusion software technologies. Every mechanical, electrical or electronic component is engineered to ensure the longest possible lifetime. Therefore manufacturing a machine that is reliable and long lasting.

All our engineers are very conscious of the importance of every single detail. If not correctly engineered, could cause a problem and production loss.

Innovation Is The Only Way To Win

New technical solutions and advanced materials

We have been continuously improving our engineering by searching for new technical solutions and advanced materials. Turla offer innovative and energy saving solutions, such as, unique Eco+logic 2.0, installed on all Turla extrusion presses. This provides less energy consumption, lower pressure, less maintenance and spare parts, and is quieter, no more than 82 dBA.

The Turla QUENCH intensive cooling system provides the most accurate control of air and water distribution, using inverters on the main pumps, proportional valves and pressure sensors next to the nozzles.

The STeP5 gas heating furnace, manufactured by Turla since 2008, guarantees energy saving through very accurate heating. Also for the log central zone, and provides minimal gas consumption, longer use of rollers and refractory systems.

Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Machines reliable for production efficiency

Turla is extremely conscious of monetary loss due to production down time caused by equipment malfunction. For this very reason the machines reliable for production efficiency are all equipped with a redundancy system, and where necessary sensors and encoders.

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Technological solutions for a low environmental impact

Our team is well aware of the environmental impact that industrial machines may have on the planet. Turla’s extrusion ageing ovens, billet heaters, etc, are equipped with heat recuperation systems to minimize the temperature of the exhaust fumes. This is just one of the many solutions engineered and adopted by our company aimed at minimising the temperature of the exhaust fumes.