since 1967


Turla are the sole extrusion line manufacturers producing the whole line in-house. This means 360° engineering, manufacturing and in-house pre-installing before shipment, hardware and software issues included. Such concept leads to a total control on the production, high quality in all details, punctuality in delivery and constant information flow both in-house and at the Customer’s plant.

Our mission

Production of Aluminium Extrusion Machines

Our mission is to provide you wherever you are in the world with top quality aluminium extrusion equipment and service. For more than 50 years Turla has been doing thanks to its qualified employees, total quality control of manufacturing process, efficient customer support and constant product innovations. Our flexibility and high quality service is well renowned among customers.



We keep an eye on each phase of the production, ensuring the best quality. The life of every equipment is strictly bound to the machines quality and constant maintenance.

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Turla machines are considered as the most long-lasting ones on the market. In case a Turla plant is no longer used (up to now due to the Customer’s bankruptcy, fortunately few cases), Turla is ready to re-buy its machines, study them (Turla engineers evaluate the machines status after many years’ working) and revamp them for sale. Sure of the high quality and value of its machines, Turla provides an official warranty also on the revamped ones.



To achieve continued growth, any extrusion company must add value to existing equipment and it is critical to develop and innovate new equipment.

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An extruder will last for more than 20 years if maintained properly. Therefore, most extrusion companies are always looking for new ways to improve energy use to reduce the footprint and improve feed safety and quality. We at Turla have created machines that last over time and respect the surrounding environment at the same time. Like for example our new Eco.logic 2.0 press.


Continuous Evolution

Attention to detail, quality control and machinery  robustness which provides long duration of each plant. All machine frames are welded, stress-relieved and  sand blasted before machining. 

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Every line is completely pre-installed in our  factory before shipment for quality control. Every line is completely pre-installed in our  factory before shipment for quality control.

since 1967

Turla RFK

Turla design and build complete extrusion systems wholely within our aTurla was founded in 1967 in Brescia, 80 Km East of Milan, in Lombardy, Northern Italy. For over 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing complete aluminium extrusion systems, from the billet heater, throughout the press, to the ageing oven.

Across the late 80’s and early 90’s Turla became the major supplier to Hydro Aluminium for handling systems (53 Turla systems). We have also cooperated on new solutions with other worldwide aluminum extrusion companies, such as Constellium, Grupa Kęty, SAPA, TALEX, and many others.own factories. From presses to cooling tables, all designed to our customer’s needs. Using our Italian experience to improve international companies’ performances.

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Single Partner For Your Complete Extrusion Line

Installation of a complete line is a complex project. There is a lot of data and information exchanged. As well as mechanical, electrical and software connections in designing, manufacturing, and installation. In the end the outcome of the project has to meet the customer’s needs and this is what we are here for!

In more than 50 years of side by side collaboration with our customers, and more than 200 installations, Turla know how to assure the best complete package.

What do you get?


An experienced Project Manager,

entirely dedicated to the customer. They will collaborate with you from the very start till the very end, supporting our aftersales service as well.


One responsibility

no time wasted going from one supplier to another to get a problem solved


Save time

less bureaucracy, less communication gaps, less phone calls, one contact, one invoice, one guaranty


Faster staff training

software and HMI are written in the same way for all machines. The operators learning curve is much shorter


Timely installation

all is under one sole site manager with whom the customer has a daily connection