General layout solutions (GLO)
Packing layout solutions (PLO)
[General Layouts]: we have prepared for you several LAY OUT solutions which can be adopted depending on the plant general material flow, on the plant dimensions as well as on other factors. Our aim is to suggest you a layout which can be OK for your investment program, discuss with you, explain you what are the PROS and CONS of the layout etc. Naturally, these are just a few of the possible infinite solutions available which can be discussed with you.
Should these layout drawing solutions not be sufficient, please let us have (e-mail) your building layout in DXF or DWG format: we shall draw our machines in real scale in your building and start a feasibility study for your company Free-of-charge and, from this point, start a profitable solution which will being to the best possible layout
design of your new extrusion line. Naturally, we can offer integrated solutions not for complete lines only, but also for partial system where new machines have to be integrated with the existing ones.
Each GLO solution is different from the other one. Therefore for each of the solutions we listed the pros and cons that such a solution can offer. Each of the proposed solutions is more or less suitable to a given building and plant configuration. Turla is ready to assist in case any of these solutions are suitable. We propose you email to us your building and existing equipment LAYOUT in DWG format so that we can place the new machine in scale into the building. We can develop with you a suitable material flow solution that can meet your expectations. Thanks to our 35-year experience in the business, Turla is also available, upon request, for a complete material flow engineering study consultancy, independently of whether the supplier of the machines is going to be TURLA or not.
Glo 01 Glo 02 Glo 03
Glo 04 Glo 05 Glo 06
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