Slatina, Romania, August 2014:

“By this I would like to thank you and your team for the tremendous job performed during another successful cooperation between our companies.
There are already 4 months passed since the first billet, period in which the equipment performed at the highest parameters, with no significant downtimes and within the agreed performances. I kindly ask you to forward this massage also:
- to your Erection team that, beyond the fact that performed their job with professionalism and finished the installation even before due date, developed a special working and human relation with our installation and commissioning team
- to your commercial team that supported us with necessary documents and had a big contribution in problem solving and keeping due dates
- to Mr. Franco and Davide who supported this Project even in difficult commercial times with favorable decisions proving once again to be a real partner of VE
Last but not least, to yourself for all your activity and good faith shown all along our cooperation.

Many thanks,

Vimetco Extrusion 009.12Inv P10 Project Team
Razvan Pop”

Mail sent to TURLA Project Manager by Razvan Pop
(Deputy General Director)
on 26th August 2014

  Székesfehérvár, Hungary, July 2014:

Project Preparation
• Both parties developed a good technical scope, therefore minimal unexpected issues happened from the installation to commissioning.

Project Installation & Commissioning
• The installation was one of the smoothest within the project. Once local safety regulation were learnt and kept, the co-operation with the site personnel was successful and well organized.
• There was a good co-operation between site commissioners and local resources at the time of the installation.
• With respect to the difficulty of the programming and equipment operation, the staff made a very good job on site were very co-operative in problem solving and training the personnel.

We thank you Turla for the co-operation and the great realization of the project.

Kind Regards/Salute
KOVÁCS Zsolt ”

Mail sent to TURLA Project Manager by Kovŕks Zsolt
(Technical Manager)
on 29th July 2014

 Newnan, USA, July 2014:

“Hi David, Now that our new press line has been up and operating well for several months I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the entire Turla team. This project was very important to Bonnell’s future and from the time we first mentioned it to you at the 2012 ET conference your team gave it their full attention. Alessandro’s visits to our facility and trips with us to several installations across Europe really helped to showcase the quality of Turla equipment. Mattia and his group worked very hard to design the layout that we needed to fit the building and on the sales side you were very helpful in fitting the equipment into our budget. We were on a very tight schedule to get the line operational and Turla’s efforts to meet and even beat the schedule were absolutely amazing! Luca, Angelo and the entire installation and start-up team did a fantastic job working in less than ideal conditions to make the start-up deadline.

The engineering, fabrication and controls expertise within your company is truly top notch. I look forward to working with you again on future projects. Thanks again.

Kind Regards, Greg Baugh”

Mail sent to David Turla by Greg Baugh
(P35 line Bonnell’s project manager)
on 9th July 2014
Germany, August 2013:

The company Turla distinguished itself in every phase of designing, due to its high degree of experience, technical innovation of machines engineering and sensitivity to customer concerns. Sophisticated engineering services in relation to solid machine parts, precision manufacturing and preparation and delivery in compliance with the time planning, as well as a safe, efficient installation service provided in full observance of our ambitious schedule. For us Turla has been the right partner in this project."

Mail sent to David Turla on 5 August 2013 at 12.11 h.
Thomas Müller / PAUL WARTON
Constellium AS&I Extrusion
Portugal, November 2010:

[...]we herein state they provided us with the best state of the art technology with excellent support for engineering, manufacturing and installation […] we are in the position to confidentially recommend TURLA srl as a professional and reliable supplier with great experience in its operation field."

Perfis Oeiras, 2010
Finland, October 2009:

[...] You have given us fast service when ever it is needed and with your state of the art equipment our high productivity targets can be reached. You have been best supplier in the P5 project. You are totally in different level in service and flexibility compared to many other suppliers. It has been great pleasure to work with Turla [...] "

Mail sent to David Turla on 26th October 2009 at 14.46 h
Teppo Aatola, Nordic Aluminum 2009
(Production development manager)
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