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Turla was founded in 1967 in Brescia, 100 Km east from Milan, in Lombardy, Northern Italy. In 1972 the company began working in the Aluminium Extrusion Field manufacturing wrapping machines and complete packing lines for extruded aluminium, progressing to designing and manufacturing single machines for the extrusion process such as pullers and walking beams. Few years later Turla covered the entire extrusion production line from the Billet Furnace to the Ageing Oven. From the second half of the 80's Turla established a reputation in Europe for the quality of its products. Across the late 80's and the early 90's Turla also became one of the major supplier to Hydro Aluminium for Handling Systems, and is also o day co-operating on new solutions with other world wide aluminium extrusion companies such as Alcan, Alcoa, SAPA and others.
TRANSPARENCY. Rather then telling you who we are, we would like you to get to know us through our products and by talking to our customers. We invite you to take a look at our machines, from the oldest to the latest and to visit not only Turla factory but also our operating installation. You will then have a clearer impression of who we are, our capability and our solid technical background which dates back to the sixties. More importantly appreciate our high technical level and the reliability of our equipment.
EVOLUTION. Twenty years ago Turla machines were the most advanced in the world and you will discover that this indeed is still the case today. The engineering evolution of our equipment has been gradual and constant through the past years and we will continue to learn from our customers as we will in the future understand their problems so that the evolution can continue. It is our customers who motivate us to continue the process of increasing the performance and reliability of our equipment.
IDEAS. We consider that your production managers, plant operators and maintenance crew are our true engineers. Thanks to several years of cooperation with large extrusion groups, for example, Alcan, Alcoa, Norske-Hydro, SAPA and a large list of other important extrusion companies, we have been able to put ourselves in your shoes, the owners and operators of extrusion plants: this experience allows us to direct our engineering efforts to produce extrusion handling equipment that are reliable and designed for s long lifetime.
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