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Furnace and Oven production

This factory is located 10 km north of Brescia
(Lombardy, Northern Italy), where our
internally-engineered  log furnaces, ageing
ovens, die  heaters are made from scratch. All tests
prior to shipment are also carried out at this site. 
In the past this building also housed our engineering
office and production facility for extrusion handling
equipment until 1996 when ever growing order
volume required expanding our manufacturing
facilities. This new office and factory complex was
built on land owned by Turla since 1983.


Handling systems and headquarters

Starting from 1996 this Turla owned facility, located in Paderno Franciacorta (16 kms west of Brescia), hosts the Turla headquarters with engineering, sales, administration offices and manufacturing of handling systems.
Thanks to  a floor space greater than 9000 sqm all our  machinery for aluminium  extrusion handling systems  is machined and assembled in this  factory which employs more  than 50 skilled  people  over  all departments.


Dry cycle testing facility and HW and SW engineering and production

This two storey,Turla owned, building was completed in 2008 providing additional production capacity and coincided with the start of extrusion press manufacture.  The top floor is the home of our daughter company TF-Automation (Turla daughter company for HW and SW) employing more than 30 people covering different activities such as electrical cabinet preparation, electrical schematics, I/O list engineering, PLC programming and customer care.  The ground floor was also designed to allow the complete extrusion line installation to be dry tested.
TF-Automation through our TELESERVICE connection to our customers Turla installations we are able to 24/7 monitor our machine parameters as well as adjust and modify working cycles to ensure optimum performance.


Quality is kept under control from the very beginning to the very end of the process. All our lines are engineered and made in Italy based on a more than 40 year-long experience. You can be sure that your line will be produced with the utmost care and professionalism!

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