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In order to create an excellent
product which satisfies our customers,
the engineering phase must also be
based on a technical dialogue with our
suppliers. Whit our customer’s maintenance
crew and their engineers, together with our
suppliers they are the most important
working partners for Turla engineers.
it is for this very reason that we do not limit ourselves in choosing highly reliable and world-wide available
components to install on TURLA machines. Our technical suppliers, Turla and our end customers
arelinked by one unbroken chain providing the means for an open technical dialogue between
all parties resulting in a good technical cooperation. All this results in simpler and more
reliable technical solutions. Turla machine end users provide operational
feed back to our engineers and our entire company. Therefore
through our costumers and our suppliers we continue to
improve our extrusion plant to provide an
even more reliable, easy to
use productive

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