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Customer/Supplier. For Turla quality means the adoption of the supplier/customer relationship. For example our engineering design department's customer is the drawing office, whose customer is the manufacturing department, then we could go on to the welder, fitter, electrician continues down stream to the packaging department and then dispatch. Each department/person is responsible to ensure that their scope of supply has been checked and is correct before passing to the next customer in the chain. Therefore paying due respect and utmost attention to what he/she is supplying their customer. Every person present in our organisation is essential for the success of our business, regardless of the role he/she is responsible for within the company.

Quality to us means "listen to what the other have to say" and elaborate ideas on a mutual discussion/understanding basis so to obtain, through the "plan/do/check/act" and the ever constant improvement. This circuit does not only influence us in our own working environment at TURLA, but it also involves the costumer, the end users as well as maintenance crews.
Symmetrically speaking, our suppliers are also involved in this ever growing process. Since 2003 Turla is ISO9001:2000 certified. This was not an arrival point, but only a start.


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