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SINCE 1967 - We have been continuosly improving our engineering by searching for new and advanced materials which will work together with hot profiles which would prevent damage or scratches to the extrusion. Thanks to finite-elements engineering software, we can provide the costumer with cooling systems which cool down the profille to ambient temperature.


DEVELOPMENT - Turla believes in the most advanced software technologies. Every mechanical, electrical or electronic component is engineered to ensure longest possible lifetime and therefore a machine that is reliable and long lasting. All our engineers are very conscious about the importance of every single detail that, if not correctly engineered, could cause a problem and thus production losses.


ENVIROMENT- Our team is we aware of the impact that industrial machines may have on the enviroment. Our ageing ovens, billet heaters, etc. are equipped with heat recuperation system so to minimize the temperature of the exhaust fumes. This is just one of the many solutions engineered and adopted by our company aimed at minimizing the temperature of the exhaust fumes. This is just on of the many solutions engineered and adopted by our compan aimed at minimizing the enviromental effect.


COOLING - Our water cooling system are a engineered via finite elements calculations. In this way we can forecast, with a limited margin of error of how the profile distortion will be during the water cooling process. Customers are invited to provide us with a DWG format drawing of its profile including extrusion speed, exit temperature and alloy.


SAFETY - Turla is extremely conscious of monetary losses due to production down time caused by equipment malfunction. For this very reason the machines upon which the production efficiency depends are all equipped with a redundancy system where all sensors, encoders, etc are doubled. If one of the sensor or encoders fails an alarm is displayed and repairs can be undertaken during next maintenance period. However if the sensor or encoder is a critical, high risk port of the system then the machine will be shutdown.

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