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Although our handling systems are engineered so that there is a minimum ordinary, maintenance schedule to be kept. However even the best machines require periodical maintenance so as to respect the original productivity technical specification. Turla is very conscious of maintenance issues in the customer's plant, therefore Turla has configured our maintenance booklets in such a way the customer is provided with all the wear parts manufacture drawings. This is an open policy toward practical efficiency not toward profit for TURLA. We tend to provide the customer with the maximum available indipendence. In addition our PLC software is written to be user-friendly and any ordinary maintenance operator who has a sufficient basic knowledge of software can access understand the logic of the program, without any additional flow-chart or help means. Naturally, we are always at our customers' disposal and ready to help. In Italy as well as in other countries of the world we have skilled mechanical, electric and software engineers who can support the customer with maximum efficiency. Our handling systems PLC/PC's are normally connected via modem with TURLA so to identify and solve a possible problem in the shortest possible time.

The following package can be offered:
YE.S: YEarly Supervision: A team of technical engineers from TURLA can lodge at customer's site for several days in order to carry out a complete inspection/diagnose about the status of the handling system (available on machines manufactured after 1990 only). During this visit, besides carrying out an analysis of the status of the machines, Turla can make suggestions on maintenance and use of the machines, where possible upgrades on various machines are discussed either on mechanical basis as well as on software/electrical. Where possible the following procedures can be carried out:
- Setting/adjustment with suggestions, training of combustion systems on gas-fired
- Possible PLC software upgrade
- Operators interface PLC upgrade.

Ask for a quotation.
YE.S maintains your TURLA machines always efficient.

MAINTENANCE BOOKLETS: The maintenance booklets provided with the equipment are omni comprehensive and instructions for ordinary and preventive maintenance are explained in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand way, step by step.

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